Last Update of Terms and Conditions: 16thOctober 2019

Welcome to our privacy policy page and cookies page. Here, you can find the information about your data, how we use it, protect it and also information about cookies, their meaning, its usage in our services and your rights regarding your data. Please read this policy carefully and also read the privacy policy of all third parties included.

For any queries regarding your data, for example what data we keep or if you want us to remove your data, please contact us at data@raevantgames.com, or at help@raevantgames.com where we will help you get an answer.


  1. About us
  2. Your data and your data’s processing
  3. Data protection
  4. Controlling your data
  5. Minors and young children
  6. Cookie policy

General Terms and Conditions

  1. About us

    RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED is a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom with registration number 12163090.

  2. Your data, data processing and third parties.

    In this privacy policy, the “data” we are referring to means any piece of digital data or information (a collection of data) that describes you, identifies you or is attributed to you.

    RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED requests different types of this data (which would be considered personal information). In switr.io we request your email address, username and password only (please refer to the third party login privacy policies in the section “third party sites and sharing data”).

    Your password is encrypted in our databases so that even we cannot see what password you are using. If you forgot your password or feel it has been compromised, please reset your password.

    Other types of data include:

    • Name, age or contact details entered during competitions, promotions or surveys that we may post;
    • Price (in currency), number of coins, payment method and status of the payment when you make a purchase of a “virtual item” (please see our Terms and Conditions for an explanation of virtual items);
    • Any data or information such as conversations or requests made to us on our emails or to our technical or customer support teams;
    • Any data or information provided in our own forums;

    Regarding the actual services such as games like switr.io, we also may collect other types of data on top of the ones mentioned above, whether or not you are logged in to use our services or not. These include:

    • Game data such as number of kills, time in game, number of switches, XP, level, number of times you play and general amount of time spent using our services and any other game feature or functional parameter.
    • Your coin wallet or balance and the transaction history of your profile;
    • Your country and location;
    • Which games you are playing, method of playing games (such as device, browser version, IP address and so on;
    • Attribution data (which is data or information passed back and forth between third party websites) including behavioral and usage patterns, advertising ID and any other advertising tools
    • Third party login providers such as Facebook (facebook.com) or Google (google.com). Please read their respective Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies and Cookie Policies in order to understand the type of data that might be exchanged between us and these third parties.

    We use your data to provide a personalized gaming experience for your age, location, preferences and more. This also includes using your data such as email or phone number to contact you in case of issues or for promotional or news related purposes.

    We also use your data to ensure that you are complying with the Terms and Conditions of our services and to ensure you are protected as a user of our services by restricting harmful behavior and potentially stemming losses or damages resulting from violating our terms and conditions or to stop violation of laws or regulations in the country you are using our services. The ability to protect you from hackers, viruses or harmful events or bugs also relies on our ability to use data that we have recorded from you and your experience using our services.

    We also use data from third party clients such as Facebook and Google for the login capabilities. This is known as connecting social media accounts

    We also use your data for personalized advertisements provided to advertising companies such as Google AdSense. For more information, please refer to the policies and terms and conditions of Google AdSense at https://www.google.com/adsense/new/localizedterms?gsessionid=zCqSzSc8KFvc5hMACvseZJC1Fwq5-rVZ . You can turn off targeted adverts, however we will still show advertising on website as we choose.

    Your game or access data (how many times you use our services) may also be recorded but this is done anonymously. This means that your name or personal detail won’t be in these statistics, you will just be a figure in our reports or projections. For example, we may want to know the number people using our services this month; you would part of that sum.

  3. Data protection

    We only keep the required data that we deem useful. Regarding your personal data such as name, email and so on, we will keep these so far as our services exist. If you wish to delete your account and remove your personal details, please contact us on help@raevantgames.com. Please bear in mind that some transaction histories may be kept along with your player identification number in case you wish to contact us regarding transactions in the future (for the time that RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED is operating).

    Regarding data protection, we have a strict security measure on our databases and other sensitive content. All hardware is password protected, firewalls exist on our servers and access to our databases is under 2 factor authentication. We do not allow unauthorized access to our data and our servers containing the data are all dedicated.

    However, please remember that data is only as safe as the transfer method. If you are transferring data to us (as in entering your information or other data on our sites or services or support), then we cannot guarantee that the internet transmission will be secure. Transferring data over the internet is done at your own risk.

    Regarding sharing your data, other than cookie use in targeted advertising, we won’t share personal information with other third parties without your prior consent first. Although we are a UK company, some of your data may be transferred overseas for example to our servers in the US, the EU and Asia to third party hosting services that support our services and products.

    Your data will be protected under the European Economic Area (EEA) requirements, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the safety and the transfer safety of files stemming from security issues of these third party hosting providers. We transfer and store data in the safest and more reliable methods we can use and meet the requirements of the EEA and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

    Please find out more information about data transfers here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/strategy/justice-and-fundamental-rights/dataprotection_en .

    Or if you want to know more about data protection, please see the GDPR website: https://eugdpr.org/

  4. Controlling your data

    You can request the data we store on you by contacting us at data@raevantgames.com.

    f you need to delete your account you can also contact us on help@raevantgames.com.

    You can understand what data we use in the previous sections.

  5. Minors and young children

    As stated in our Terms and Conditions, the minimum age for using our services is 16 years old. However younger children can also use our service if supervised by an adult, for example a parent or guardian). This is however the responsibility of the supervising adult to decide if the services we provide (from games to advertising from third parties) are suitable for the child or minor in question.

    We believe there is no reason as to why children of any age cannot use our services, including switr.io since. Also the advertising we show via the third party advertisers will be mild and not show any content which would be reasonably considered offensive.

    For parents or guardians or adult supervisors of children, if you require the data we store on the minor in question, contact us on help@raevantgames.com.

    For information about internet security, please refer to the website for the Information Commissioners Office https://ico.org.uk/ or your regional or countries data and information commissions and government agencies to learn more about protecting your children and minors online.

  6. Cookie policy

    What is a cookie? Well, a cookie is a piece data that is sent from a website over the web to your computer. This data is stored on your local browser. They are just simple text files.

    Why do we use cookies? Simply to store useful information on your browser or to record your behavior or activities whilst using our services or using your browser

    Are they bad? Well our cookies aren’t malicious or harmful to your computer, but many people feel that they are harmful in terms of security. Searches, activities and general behavior on your browser are recorded and made available for us or other organizations such as third party advertisers to use.

    We use cookies for third party advertisers to be able to perform targeted advertising, meaning to show adverts more suited to what you are generally searching for on the internet or like to browse. You can turn off targeted advertising in your settings, however we will still show adverts (although not targeted).

    These third party advertisers such as Google use cookies on partner sites which we plant the cookies on your browser. These third party advertisers then use these cookies to present advertisements to you.

    YOU CAN OPT OUT OF ADVERTS FROM THE ADVERTISERS SIDE. For example, this link will give a step-by-step on how to do so: https://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en

    You can always clear your cookies but it’s different for each browser. Remember that you generally clear cache AND cookies, meaning other files or images that are stored (cached) on your local system to make loading sites faster. Don’t delete your saved passwords!

    For more information about our advertising vendors, please see more information on Google AdSense: https://www.google.com/adsense/start/

    Or see how google uses cookies here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies