RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED Terms and Conditions

Last Update of Terms and Conditions: 16th October 2019

These Terms and Conditions are a legal Agreement between RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED (which can also be referred to as we, us or our throughout this Agreement) and the users of our services or readers of this Terms and Conditions or privacy policy will be referred to as user(s), you, your and person(s)

Our main website raevantgames.com (along with other subdomains e.g. www.raevantgames.com, or any of our other “websites” which are websites owned and operated and under the control and jurisdiction of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED and its policies and Terms and Conditions. These websites include “switr.io” (which will be referred to as “switr.io” or simple “switrio” throughout this Agreement) and any subdomain usage (e.g. www.switr.io).

Our “services” are any website we own and operate as well as any feature or functionality or design within these websites and services.


  1. About us
  2. Who these Terms and Conditions are for
  3. Rules of using our services
  4. Breaking the rules
  5. Your data and your account and profile.
  6. Ownership of site content
  7. Virtual currency, virtual items and paid-for services.
  8. Obligations, consent and requirements regarding virtual items
  9. Order time, cancellation of orders, refunds, account issues or unauthorized access to your account.
  10. Circumstances RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED not responsible for
  11. Legal matters concerning services, Terms and Conditions and other policies
  12. Contact and other information

General Terms and Conditions

  1. About us

    RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED is a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom with registration number 12163090.

  2. Who these Terms and Conditions are for

    Everyone who uses our services including switr.io or any other service or product should read these Terms and Conditions. By using any services offered by RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED including switr.io, you accept the Terms and Conditions stated here


  3. Rules of using our Services

    Do not bully, bad-mouth, harass, stalk, scam or otherwise, other users of our services. These behaviors, actions or words can be deemed to be unacceptable if they are sexist, sexually explicit (including images, words or otherwise), offensive, racist, encouraging law-breaking of any country or the country you are using the service, eliciting other users or advertising yourself for illegal or potentially illegal activities, share other user’s personal information without their prior written consent.

    Do no troll, grief partake in gang-related activities aimed towards other users of our Services.

    Do not hack or otherwise access the databases, coding or any intellectual property of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED

    Do not tamper with our products or cause damages to our Services or ability to provide Services.

    Do not interfere, damage or attempt to ruin the enjoyment of the game for other users and users of our Services.

    Do not cheat in our games; meaning attempting or acquiring a competitive edge via non-conventional or provided means. This can also include scamming or hacking the payments to gain coins without earning them or purchasing them.

    Do not use other third party programs or any other software or digital or physical methods to “bot” the game to earn coins or experience.

    Do not modify, delete or add any legal content, disclaimers, polices, Terms and Conditions or any other content on any Service of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED including switr.io.

    Do not claim ownership, employment or impersonate a person or organization which represents RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED or its Services. This includes but is not limited to pretending to be an employee, owner, product owner, inventor or originator of switr.io or any other Service provided by RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED.

    Do not earn money from the services provided or games from RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED. This includes selling physical products with a likeness to the skins offered or the logos used or any content on our sites, social media or otherwise which is legal and intellectual and creative property of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED. This does not apply to advertisers with a contractual or consent to advertise the services after gaining consent from RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED owner/s. This rule also doesn’t apply to content creators on social media or video-sharing platforms who use the services of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED which show the game in a positive light, for example a Youtuber playing the game with adverts on their videos.

  4. Breaking the rules

    If you break any rule or are deemed to be risky in Terms of potentially breaking rules or not complying with these Terms and Conditions or potentially damaging the brand, identity or reputation of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED or any of its Services, we can temporarily or permanently ban you from using our Services or products.

    We also have the right to block particular services or features of our Services including coins, skins, store, subscriptions or any other feature or parameter of our Services.

    We also have the right to not accept payment from any user.

    We also have the right to not ship to a certain user or certain physical location.

    We have the right to charge any rate for “virtual items” in different locations or countries.

    You can report other users if you believe they are breaking the rules by reporting help@raevantgames.com . However, we cannot guarantee that other users will comply to these Terms and Conditions or Rules and we are not responsible for any ramifications or negative effects of non-compliance of other users.

  5. Your data and your account and profile.

    We keep your data secure behind Cloudflare and within a dedicated server with limited accesses. We comply with GDPR on 7 principles.

    When you log in via Facebook or google third-party logins, we do not guarantee that those third party login providers will keep your data secure.

    When you use our registration, we store you email, username and passwords under GDPR principles. We also store other user-specific data such as coins (the amount in your wallet or balance), number of players, play-time, number of kills and other gamespecific parameters. We cannot ensure that all these types of game-related data will be stored forever. Only profile or account data such as email, username and passwords are stored for the lifetime of the Services.

    We reserve the right to use your data for marketing, promotional purposes or to reuse or sell data to marketing agencies or other advert-related companies.

    You are responsible for your login details and personal information. If you provide your login details to other users, other people or third party products or services or organizations, you have full responsibility for the resultant affects. You can always reset your password if you feel like your account and profile may be compromised.

    If you think your security is at risk, then please contact us help@raevantgames.com.

    If you wish to edit or close your account or have any other queries regarding such, please contact us help@raevantgames.com.

    If you delete your account, we have the right to keep your game data including username or email in case of future queries or issues.

  6. Ownership of site content

    RAEAVNT GAMES LIMITED owns all “content” on its websites including switr.io. All the content including but not limited to: source code, object codes, JS files, pictures and video content on our websites or our social media channels, designs, trademarked Terms or logos or icons, gameplay and features of the game or game functionality and more.

    The style, design, layout, functionality, rules, methods, logic and all features of the games or services provided including switr.io belong to RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED.

    You are forbidden to copy, cline, replicate, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise make your own version of the services or games provided by RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED, whether for fun or profit.

    You agree to not approach the developers used by RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED to create switr.io or any other product in order to create your own version of the game or a similar game. If you wish to create your own online game or app-game, please contact us on partners@raevantgames.com.

    You agree that by using our services, your username, avatar image, message you write to other users or other features or statistics or game parameters may be publicized either on our websites or on our social media sites.

    You agree that any content featuring your name, username, image or likeness belong to RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED. At times we may approach you and ask for consent to use your name, image or likely, brand or identity for skins or promotions. In those cases, a contract will be set forth for both parties (you and us) to agree upon.

    You agree that any features or tweaks to the gameplays or hidden meta’s or methods of playing the game is not intellectual property that belongs to you.

  7. Virtual currency, virtual items and paid-for services

    Please read this section very carefully. By using our services, you agree to these Terms and Conditions regarding virtual items and paid content.

    We offer many paid-for services and products, however you can enjoy our services and games for free without ever having to purchase anything with real-money (fiat-currency or crypto-currency).

    We offer our currency “coins” as a local currency for each game or service provided which we are referring to as “virtual items” “virtual currency” “coins” “paid content”. For example, on switr.io, there are coins you may purchase and with these coins, you can purchase skins (designs for your shape), boosts and other features yet to be added. These Terms for virtual items also extend to the items you purchase with these coins, including but not limited to: skins, boosts, raffles and so on.

    You can buy coins from the coin’s section or any local section on our sites offering coins. Please DO NOT buy coins from third party websites and always check that you are using the correct domain e.g. https://switr.io to buy coins. We are not responsible for any coins purchased from third party providers who promise to transfer to your account or use your login details to purchase coins or any other service to attain coins. The only accepted method of purchasing coins is via our stores; coins must be purchased in our stores in order for you to comply with our Terms and Conditions. Any purchase of coins from these unauthorized vendors of coins will be seized by us if we feel the coins were attained via any means other than from our websites.

    Coins will also be available via other means and given to players from our consent e.g. via competitions, promotion packs or otherwise, however these may be given for free to the user.

    Please note, we DOT NOT re-sell coins back to real currency or convert coins back to real currency. Our services are not considered gambling as you cannot cash-out of your ingame balances.

    How can I buy coins?

    Coins are purchase in the coin sections or store sections of our websites. You must choose one of the provided payment methods, then you will either be redirected to another window, popup or the same page may be redirected to the payment gateway of the payment provider. You must make the payment according to the specific gateways requirements you have used, then will be asked to confirm your payment. Depending on your payment method selected, you may have further steps to take in order to pay e.g. verification of your identity, logging into your payment account for that provider or other requirements set forth by that payment provider. We are not responsible for changes in the policies or methods or features and procedures of these third party payment providers.

    Once you successfully pay using these third party payment gateways, you will be directed back to our website or you may have to close the third party payment providers window.


    We may change prices or quantity of coins for a certain price at any time. It is your responsibility to check what we have updated and do not assume the coin or store pages will have the same prices forever. Prices of coins and number of coins and prices of other products are subject to the applicable laws and regulations of the territories you reside in and we reside in. Also, prices can fluctuate because of new laws or regulations, global policy changes in online-payment or data-protection, differing exchange rates or any other limitations or changes. We reserve the right to charge any value for our virtual items.

    If you don’t see the coins in the balance in your coin section or store, then refresh the page or try clearing your cache and cookies of your browser. If you still don’t see the coins you purchased and you are sure that payment has been taken (i.e. real money was taken from you) then please contact us help@raevantgames.com . We will aim to refund your money or debit (give) the coins to your balance within 24 hours, however please allow up to 7 days for refunds, returns or coin debits.

    By purchasing something from the store or buying coins, you are accepting that the payment method you are using and the money being used is yours, belong to you and you are authorized to pay with that method of payment. Or, if you are using a card or payment method in another person’s name other than your own, that person consents to you using their payment. We are NOT responsible for stolen cards being used to purchase coins on your account or your card being used against your consent to purchase coins or other products from our stores.

    We have the right to not accept payment from any person or user and we do not need to give an explanation as to why.

  8. Obligations, consent and requirements regarding virtual items

    RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED is not obliged to continue to create new virtual items, offer new services or extend the life of any service we provide. We may at any point cease operations as a company so all virtual items will be unusable. We do not make refunds or return real money to users in the case of RAEVANT GAMES COMPANY closing, ceasing operations, declaring bankruptcy or any unforeseen circumstances in which the owners of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED can no longer accept payments or keep the services running and operational.

    All virtual items or paid-for services are non-refundable and RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED can change, replace, restrict or remove any virtual item or services at any time.

    RAVEANT GAMES LIMITED is not obliged to create content or maintain current content or past content or features or services.

    We try to keep your content free of viruses, bots, bugs and other malicious objects, things or otherwise which can affect gameplay or use of our services negatively.

    We do not offer or pay interest of our virtual items or paid-for content.

    As the user of our services, it is forbidden for you to sell your coins to other users or third party vendors or services.

    It is also forbidden to sell your account to another user or person and it is also forbidden to trade your coins or other virtual items to other users.

    By using our services, you consent to the fact that virtual items do not constitute physical or tangible assets or property and that coins or other virtual items do not constitute legal tender or any form of fiat currency.

    For any disputes regarding paid for services, if you cannot reach our support at help@raevantgames.com or chat and feel like your issue is not being resolved, you may refer your issue to the European Unions Online Dispute Resolution service at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage if you need any legal remedies.

  9. Order time, cancellation of orders, refunds, account issues or unauthorized access to your account.

    If you order or purchase any virtual item or services from RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED, we try to deliver these virtual times as soon as possible to you and your account. However sometimes there may be delays or unforeseen events or occurrences which extend this delivery time. By purchasing a virtual item from us you agree that any item purchased by you may take an undescribed period of time to be delivered. If you do not receive your items within 24 hours, contact us help@raevantgames.com.

    If you want to cancel an order or purchase of virtual items that hasn’t been fulfilled yet, you must contact the specific payment method provider you have used then contact our support help@raevantgames.com . The return of your money is the responsibility of the payment provider you have use since RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED does not handle payments.

    If your account is banned, temporarily or permanently, then we reserve the right not to refund you any money that you have spent to purchase virtual items. We can ban you for any reason including but not limited to: being unable to verify the payment method or means of payment you are attempting to use or have used in the past, if we feel that you have broken any rules set forth in these Terms and Conditions or may attempt to break any rule, or if we feel you have violated any international laws or may do so in the action of using our services, including virtual items

    If we ban you, we can do so for any amount of time. Please contact us help@raevantgames.com if you do not get an email from us regarding a ban, its duration or its reasoning. We do not offer any compensations if your account gets banned for whatever reason.

    Unauthorized access to your account is your responsibility. If you give your password to another person, use a weak password, have a vulnerable computer or internet system or any other reason to put your security at risk, it is your responsibility and RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED does not take any responsibility if someone gains unauthorized access to your account and uses it for any purpose. These purposes can include to use your account buy coins or any virtual or physical items.

    We are also not responsible for unauthorized use of your cards, bank accounts or personal or company wealth regarding purchases made in our store or purchase of virtual items.

  10. Circumstances RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED not responsible for

    We are not obliged to refund any money and are not responsible for the following circumstance and not responsible for losses or damages occurring because of them:

    • Unauthorized purchases not made by you on your account
    • Minors accessing the site or making purchases using their own or other person’s payment means
    • Loss or damage caused by break of our Terms and Conditions
    • Loss or damage caused to your mental or physical wellbeing as a result of using our services or playing our games.
    • Loss of your progress, balance or wallet data or any other data regarding your account and profile
    • Loss or damage incurred as a result of miss-click, bad internet connections or disconnects to the game serves.
    • Loss or damage of virtual items as a result of bugs, new features or any other additions or unforeseen circumstances
    • Loss or damage caused by changes in laws or regulations, payment providers policy, hosting company policies, or RAEVANT GAME COMPANY changes such as acquisitions, mergers or takeovers or redundancies, closing of the company or other changes.
    • Loss or damage stemming of unforeseen physical occurrences such as an Act of God e.g. a flood or fire which would lead to suspending of technical or legal or financial operations of RAEVANTY GAMES LIMTED or any loss or damage not foreseen at the time of you first reading these Terms and Conditions or using our services.
    • Losses or damages caused by payment gateway providers including Stripe, PayPal, Facebook or any other payment provider we put in the site. It is your responsibility to choose the correct payment provider for your region, payment means or otherwise.
    • Advertising by third party advertisers. On some of our products we display advertising, we attempt to choose the most user-friendly, non-offensive and low risk categories for adverts, however we do not guarantee and are not responsible for, any offense or loss or damages caused by the advertising on our products, sites or services or losses or damages resulting from clicking or partaking in the mentioned adverts or marketing campaigns.
  11. Legal matters concerning services, Terms and Conditions and other policies

    If there is a part of these Terms and Conditions which becomes invalid, illegal or redundant or unenforceable, the other Conditions and other content in these Terms and Conditions or other policies will still be valid. This document is enforceable at all times. In other words, if any provision is severable but other provision will still be legally binding.

    You cannot transfer your obligations or rights of these policies and Terms and Conditions to another person and you must be at least 16 years old to use our services without consent or supervision of an adult. If you have supervision and you are below the age of 16, then all responsibility lies on the supervising adult.

    If you do something against our policies, we will ask you to remove content infringing on these Terms and Conditions we will ask you to remove it.

    If you feel like your work or copyrighted property is on our sites or products, please contact us help@raevantgames.com.

    We are not liable for financial ruin, physical health issues or death as a result of using our services. Please play responsibly and only pay for virtual items as your means allows it.

    These Terms and our relationship with you are governed by English law and you must observe and obey your countries laws at all times.

  12. Contact and other information

    If you have any queries regarding our services or products, please contact us on: help@raevantgames.com

    For business inquiries, please contact us on: help@raevantgames.com

    All messages and correspondences regarding our Terms and Conditions will appear on RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED or on its product and service website e.g. on https://switr.io.

    This page and the Terms and Conditions and privacy policies of RAEVANT GAMES LIMITED can be changed at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check this page and other policy pages for updates.

Last updated: 16th October 2019